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85 / 15 Split
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Don’t close the door on your real estate career. Keep your license and enjoy effortless income!

NO Association Fees!
NO MLS Fees!
No Onboarding Fees
NO Monthly or Yearly Fees!
85/15 Split
Hang your Real Estate License with Taylor Properties Referral Company and make money without selling! There comes a time in some agents’ careers when they no longer wish, or are unable, to continue in real estate sales. That is why Taylor Properties Referral Company was established! We provide agents the ability to keep their licenses active and earn extra income by making referrals. It’s easy to join just by transferring your license to us.

PLUS - Access a network of 1000+ Taylor Properties agents in MD, DC, VA, PA and DE! Or Refer to any agent of your choice in any state!

Your referral fee is negotiated with the receiving agent.

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